CD-Laboratory QAMCAS

The CD-Laboratory for Quality Assurance Methodologies for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (QAMCAS) aims at methods for enabling substantial quality improvements of systems that interact with humans and the physical environment.

QAMCAS intends to carry out research improving quality assurance methods during development together with methods that assure criteria like safety, reliability and robustness during operation. In QAMCAS quality assurance is treated from a holistic point of view investigating methods to be used at development time as well as methods to be applied during operation. For this purpose, QAMCAS aims for smart monitoring systems that are capable of identifying failures and triggering fault localization and repair procedures for obtaining fail-operational systems.

In order to show that the proposed methods and techniques contribute to quality assurance of cyber-physical systems prototypical implementations are developed. The prototypes are further used for providing an experimental evaluation in the context of autonomous driving and related systems.

QAMCAS Objectives

Focusing on comprehensible methods assuring reliability and safety for cyber-physical systems.

  • Development of V&V methods for learning-based systems
  • Automatic test case generation for system testing of autonomous cars
  • Using machine learning for test suite optimization
  • Fail-operational systems